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20 Essential Python Interview Questions And Answers.

Python Interview Questions

Here is the list of Python interview questions. I hope these questions will help you crack the interview.

1. Explain Python?


Python is a highly comprehensive, interactive & object-oriented scriptwriting language. It is specifically developed to make the content highly readable among net surfers.

2. What are the distinct features of python? 


The distinct features of python are as follows:

  1. Structured and functional programming are supported 
  2. It can be compiled to byte-code for creating larger applications.
  3. Develops high-level dynamic data types.

3. What is the Python path? 


A Python path tells the Python interpreter to locate module files that can be imported into the program. It includes the python source library directory and Source code directory.

4. Can we preset the python path?


Yes, we can preset Pythonpath as a Python installer.

5. Why do we use python startup environment variables?


We use python Startup environment variables because it consists of the path in which the initialization file carrying python source code can be executed to start the interpreter.

6. What is the Pythoncaseok environment variable? 


Pythoncaseok environment variable is called in windows with the purpose to direct python to find the first case insensitive match in an import Statement.

7. What are supported standard data types in python?


The supported standard data types are as follows 

  1. List.
  2. Number.
  3. String.
  4. Dictionary.
  5. Tuples.

8. Define tuples in python.


Tuples are a sequence data type in Python. The number of values in tuples is separated by commas.

9. What are positive and negative indices? 


In the positive indices are applied search beings from left to the right. In negative indices, Search begins from right to left.

10. What can be the length of the identifier in python?


The length of the identifier in python can be of any length. The longest identifier will violate from PEP-8 and PEP-20.

11. Define pass statement in python? 


A pass statement în python is used when we cannot decide what to do in our code, but we must type something for making it syntactically correct.

12. What are the limitations of python?


There are certain limitations of python :

  1. It has design restrictions.
  2. It is slower when compared with C and C++ 
  3. It is inefficient in mobile computing. 
  4. It consists of an underdeveloped database, access layer.

13. Can we reverse a list in python?


Yes, we can reverse a list python using the reverse method. The code can be depicted as:

def reverse (s): 
str= “”
for i in S:
str = i + str
return str.

14. Why we do need a break in python?


The break helps in controlling the python code by breaking the current loop from execution and transferring the control to the next block.

15. Why do we need a continue in python? 


A continue also helps in controlling the python loop but by making jumps to the next iteration of the loop without exhausting it.

16. Can we use a break and continue together?


Break and continue can be used together in python. The break will stop the current loop from execution, while the jump will take to another. loop.

17. Does python support an intrinsic do while loop?


No Python does not support an intrinsic do-while loop.

18. How many ways can be applied for applying reverse string?


There are five ways in which reverse string can be applied which include the following:

  1. Loop.
  2. Recursion.
  3. Stack.
  4. Extended slice Syntax
  5. Reversed.

19. What is the purpose of relational operators in python?


The purpose of relational operators in python is to compare values.

20. What are assignment operators in python? 


The assignment operators in python can help in combining all the arithmetic operators with the assignment symbol.

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