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A new playlist UI in YouTube for Android TV

The YouTube app on Android TV is getting a small UI tweak that changes how it handles playlists. Previously, when you clicked on a YouTube playlist, the app would automatically start playing the entire playlist. But that behavior is finally going away with the new playlist UI.

YouTube Android TV app playlist UI

As spotted by 9to5Google, the YouTube app on Android TV/Google TV and other smart TV platforms has gained a new playlist UI. The new interface displays the name of the playlist along with “Play all,” “Loop,” and “Save to Library” buttons on the left side, with the videos appearing on the left side. You can hit the “Play All” button to start playing the playlist in sequence or click on any video from the list that you want to play.

The new playlist UI is rolling out to Android TV and Google TV devices with the latest YouTube app update, version 2.15.498 to be precise. The new behavior is also rolling out on other TV platforms such as Samsung TV.  If you own an Android TV or Google TV-powered device and want to check out the revamped playlist interface, update the YouTube app to the latest version. However, as 9to5Google notes, it’s likely a server-side rollout and thus may not be directly tied to the app version.

Last month Google announced a slew of new features for Google TV, the new interface that runs on top of Android TV. The latest update finally brings proper multi-user profile support, new glanceable cards in ambient mode, and more. Google also recently added a new virtual remote to the Google Home app for controlling Android TV and Google TV devices.


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