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Aar Ya Paar Teaser Trailer: Hotstar Series Follows a Tribal Man Turned Hitman

Aar Ya Paar, a new Hotstar Specials, just got a first-look trailer. Disney+ Hotstar unveiled the trailer for the Aditya Rawal-led action series, centring around a tribe member-turned hitman who is sent abroad on an assignment. Aar Ya Paar celebrates director Siddharth Sengupta’s first venture with Disney+ Hotstar, serving as showrunner for the episodic series. The filmmaker is best known for Netflix’s Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, and finds himself in familiar territory with this new project.

The trailer for Aar Ya Paar begins with a phone call, as our lead hitman, Sarju (Rawal), gets tasked with an assassination objective, taking him all the way to Romania. The target is described as a “soldier of sorts,” as our killer arms himself with high-quality bow and arrows. The brief dialogue sequence reveals the lSaurju’s lack of education, who was born and brought up in some random, Indian tribal village. Honing his skills in archery and primitive warfare, he has established himself as a great candidate, moving into the city and taking up contract-killing jobs.

The Aar Ya Paar trailer frequently cuts to footage of his early days in the tribe, partaking in ancient rituals and leaping off waterfalls as means of entertainment. Besides the time jump, the Aar Ya Paar trailer also hints that Sarju will be returning to his village, in order to protect his tribe from a group of gangsters, all equipped with modern weaponry. We could theorise that the contract killings eventually caught up with him, causing some high-profile targets to order the execution of his birth family. “When it comes to protecting your own, neither man nor animal, stop at nothing… and this guy is a bit of both!” an unseen narrator concludes.

“Unique stories are finding their way to viewers, and I am excited for my first association with Disney+ Hotstar to bring to the forefront Aar Ya Paar’s distinct tale. It takes me back to the familiar waters of the episodic format of narrating a story, which I enjoy the most. The fact that this series walks a fine line between action and drama makes it a captivating watch. Excited to see how viewers react to it,” said Sengupta, showrunner, Hotstar Specials’ Aar Ya Paar.

The upcoming Disney+ Hotstar series also stars Sumeet Vyas (Unpaused), Patralekhaa (Citylights), Ashish Vidyarthi (Rudra: The Edge of Darkness), and Shilpa Shukla (Chak De! India).

Currently, there is no release window for Aar Ya Paar, which will be available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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