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After a series of misfires in Q3, here’s what we expect for startups in Q4 • TechCrunch

Today is the final day of Q3 2022, which means we’re heading rapidly toward the end of the year. And because today is the final day of a financial reporting period, it’s a great time to join TechCrunch+!

Jokes aside, we had a long list of expectations here at The Exchange, but, sadly, much of that did not come to pass. Perhaps after the last few years of go-go venture capital and startup activity, we were a bit overeager. We weren’t the only ones, of course, judging by how many founders reined in their fundraising horses until market conditions improved, which largely didn’t happen in the third quarter.

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To celebrate our errors, we’re going back through a list of things that we didn’t see in Q3 and putting some of our expectations for Q4 on the record.

Given our usual focus, we’re talking IPOs and valuations to a degree. We’ll also cast our vision beyond the U.S. and see what markets elsewhere may come up with in the final quarter of 2022. After all, there’s quite a lot going on in Europe, Latin America and other startup-heavy regions of the world.


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