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Amazon Air freight service launched in India • TechCrunch

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Amazon has launched Amazon Air, its dedicated air cargo fleet, in India as the e-commerce giant bulks up its logistics infrastructure in the key overseas market where it has deployed over $6.5 billion.

The retailer has partnered with the Bengaluru-based cargo airline QuikJet to launch its maiden air freight service in the country, which it said will enable the firm to speed up its delivery. Amazon is utilizing the Boeing 737-800 for the service.

Amazon launched Air in the U.S. in 2016 with over three dozen Boeing freighter aircrafts. It also briefly tested the program in the U.K. India is the third market where Amazon has launched its freight service.

“Amazon India uses its own services for delivery of around 80-85% of orders and has opened up its delivery arm to others sellers. Delivery itself is a business which can achieve massive scale in India. So it makes sense for them to start this in India,” said Satish Meena, an independent analyst who tracks e-commerce sector in the country.

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