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Amazon Prime Video subscribers receive a free upgrade – it’ll boost your telly instantly

AMAZON has introduced a long-awaited feature to Prime Video that puts Netflix to shame.

It puts a stop to the painful ‘doom-loop’ of turning up the volume to hear a muffled conversation, just to have the background noise continue to overpower the voices.


The details page for each programme or movie will let you know whether Dialogue Boost is availableCredit: Amazon

This usually happens with films because they have been mixed for cinemas and are often not adjusted to suit home viewing.

But Amazon has rolled out a brand new audio menu just for moments like this, which includes Low to High boosts.

The tech giant has deployed artificial intelligence (AI) to isolate audio and ramp up speech volume.

It means that only the audio will get louder without the background music joining in too.

“This is actually a great feature, half the time I can’t hear the dialogue and turn up the volume only to get my eardrums blasted by music in the next scene,” one Prime Video user wrote on Twitter.

Another customer tweeted: “So I can boost the dialogue, turn down the overall sound–and watch a movie *without* having to turn it down every time it starts in with far-too-loud scoring, then turn it back to normal again for ensuing dialogue? AWESOME.”

It’s great news for those who don’t like subtitles, which is a necessary feature when background noises and music overpower conversations in TV shows and films.

In response to the feature, horror movie buff Josh Wade wrote on Twitter: “Good. I’m tired of reading.”

Amazon claims that Dialogue Boost should benefit anyone who is hard of haring.

But it also brings a big perk to Prime viewers without smart TVs, as this is often a feature on higher-tech televisions.

The feature is currently only available on a select number of titles, such as Amazon Originals The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Harlem or movies like Being The Ricardos and The Big Sick.

The details page for each programme or movie will let you know whether Dialogue Boost is available. 

However, Amazon plans to integrate Dialogue Boost across more titles later this year. 

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