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You’re using your Ring doorbell wrong – and it’s a major fail you need to fix

You’re using your Ring doorbell wrong – and it’s a major fail you need to fix

CHECK that you’re not making a major mistake with your Ring doorbell.

Amazon has warned users that putting the doorbell in the wrong place could be a major headache.


Make sure you’re not placing your Ring doorbell too highCredit: Amazon Ring
Amazon recommends a height of 48 inches


Amazon recommends a height of 48 inchesCredit: Amazon Ring

Take the Ring Doorbell 3, for example.

It has two different ways of seeing the world: a camera and also motion sensors.

“The proper positioning of your Ring Video Doorbell 3 depends on a number of factors,” Amazon explained.

“Including the layout of your yard, the distance from the front door to the street, objects within the Ring Doorbell’s field of view, height of the door and more.”

So what can go wrong?

According to Amazon, one of the biggest mistakes people make is mounting their Ring doorbell too high.

This is often because buyers believe it needs to be up high to catch people’s faces.

But Amazon says: “In fact, viewing faces is now a problem if the Ring doorbell is mounted at the correct height of approximately 48 inches (1.2 metres) above the ground.”

The motion sensors are also better off at this height.

“These are heat sensors that detect motion by monitoring heat within the detection area,” Amazon explains.

“Since people are hotter than the surrounding areas, as a person enters the detection area the heat measurements change.

“The motion sensors register this change as movement and send out an alert.

“The motion sensors have a much more focused field of view than the camera.”

These motion sensors are designed to detect motion across a 180 degree horizontal span.

And they can pick up movement from five feet right up to 30 feet.

Amazon warns: “Mount the Ring Doorbell too high and you’re more likely to catch the heat of passing cars than the heat of incoming visitors.”

So if you don’t want annoying Ring doorbell notifications, make sure you’ve got it set at the right height.

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Otherwise you might be setting yourself up for constant smartphone app spam.

If you set your doorbell too high, you'll end up being notified of passing cars too often


If you set your doorbell too high, you’ll end up being notified of passing cars too oftenCredit: Amazon Ring

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