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Amazon’s live radio app Amp is launching a new creator fund • TechCrunch

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Amazon’s live radio app Amp is launching a new creator fund that is designed to reward creators who create engaging shows and build loyal audiences. A spokesperson from Amazon told TechCrunch that Amp has allocated “millions of dollars” to pay creators through monthly rewards but didn’t provide an exact figure. The company says the range of payments for each creator varies based on different factors and that the number of creators it rewards each month may change.

Any eligible creator who has hosted a show in a qualifying month can be rewarded from the fund. Creators will be assessed based on show performance and listener engagement, such as show popularity with new and recurring listeners. Amazon says it’s looking at different ways to reward creators, so the metrics it uses to determine reward amounts may change over time.

Each month, all eligible Amp creators will be automatically considered for a reward, and creators who have been selected will receive an email with instructions on how to claim their rewards.

“Creators are the heart and soul of Amp, and the creator fund is our next step toward recognizing the commitment of people who are doing what they love by making innovative shows that inspire and entertain,” said John Ciancutti, the vice president of Amp in a statement. “We’ve spent our beta listening to the early adopters of our creator community, and we understand that monetization is crucial for them. The Creator Fund will support loyal creators who are spending their time creating great programming and building a community of followers on Amp.”

To be eligible to receive rewards from the creator fund, you must adhere to Amp guidelines and be located in the United States. You also need to be at least 18 years old. If you’re between 13-17 years old, then you need a parent or guardian to accept the app’s terms of service and set up a payment account.

Amazon introduced the Amp app in March as a way to allow people to create live “radio shows” where they can act as a DJ by taking callers and playing tracks from its catalog of licensed songs, ranging from classic titles to today’s music. The app marked Amazon’s somewhat belated entry into the live audio market.

Although Clubhouse arguably jump started the live audio market by establishing a new format for live audio social interactions, the concept has since been spun out into numerous competitors, including Twitter’s Spaces and Spotify’s Greenroom. However, Amazon’s Amp differentiates itself by providing access out of the gate to a broad music catalog. Creators can use Amp to play DJ, stream and chat about their favorite songs and artists. Or, they can use the app to talk about anything else, such as sports or pop culture while also curating a selection of music for their listeners and taking live callers.


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