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Millions of Android phone owners urged to change setting as soon as possible

IF you’ve got an Android phone, you might be making a major security mistake.

Every time you hand someone your phone, you’re taking a risk – but there’s a trick that makes it much safer.


You can pin apps so that pals can’t roam freely around your phoneCredit: Google / Android / TikTok / @chillrogg

There are loads of reasons to let someone use your phone.

Maybe you’re trying to show off a great photo, a cool new app, or a hilarious text message.

But you might not necessarily want that person to then roam freely on your phone.

Thankfully TikTok tech whiz @chillrogg has revealed a genius solution to this problem.

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On Android phones, it’s possible to lock a user to a specific app.

That means you can quickly lock down an app before handing your phone over to someone.

It only takes a few seconds to set up once you’ve activated the feature.

But you’ll need to get into the habit of doing it when passing your phone around.

How to lock an Android app on your screen

First, go into the Settings app on your Android phone.

Then scroll down to Biometrics and Security.

Now scroll down again and tap Other Security Settings.

Once you’re in there, scroll down and enable Pin Windows.

Now check your app tray and hold down on the icon to bring up a pop-up menu.

Then you can choose Pin This App.

That means the person you hand your phone to can’t leave that specific app.

The only way to get out of it is to swipe up and unlock your phone again.

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This means you’ll have to enter your passcode, fingerprint or face unlock.

It’s a very simple way to keep your apps safe from prying eyes.

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