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Warning issued to millions of iPhone owners over ‘bill shock’ price rise in two weeks

APPS on iPhone could cost you even more in a matter of weeks.

Apple has announced it is hiking App Store prices because of changes to foreign exchange rates.


Changes could drive developers to increase the price of appsCredit: Reuters

The UK is one of the countries hit by the rise.

Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa will also see an increase.

The move affects apps and in-app purchases but not auto-renewable subscriptions.

Developers were told it will start from February 13.

They could decide to increase the price of their apps to make up for the loss of income.

“Periodically, we update prices on the App Store in certain regions based on changes in taxes and foreign exchange rates,” Apple said.

“This is done using publicly available exchange rate information from financial data providers to help ensure prices for apps and in‑app purchases stay equalized across all storefronts.”

Other countries have got off lucky, such as Uzbekistan where the cost is actually going down.

Meanwhile Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Zimbabwe’s prices won’t change at all for now.

It comes after Apple announced a major change to how App Store purchases are priced last year.

The tech giant’s strict rules don’t allow developers to choose any old price down to the penny.

Instead they have to follow specific price points.

But in the biggest upgrade to App Store pricing in its 14-year history, Apple is expanding the amount available.

And the highest is now a whooping £12,000 / $10,000 – though we can’t imagine which apps or app subscriptions could justify such a hefty charge.

It’s designed to make things more flexible for developers but means you’ll see widely varying figures.

The firm is adding 700 new price points, bringing the total to 900.

That’s almost 10 times the number of price points previously available for most apps.

Apps can be sold for as low as 29p, all the way up to £11,999.99 – though developers will have to put in a request for the big one.

In the US, the price range varies from $0.29 up to $10,000.

The biggest difference is how costs go up incrementally.

So, it can increase every 10p up to £9.99.

And further up the scale, it’s every 50p, between £9.99 and £49.99, and so on.

The same system applies in dollars and other currencies.

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Apple’s new pricing structure will be available for apps offering auto-renewable subscriptions starting today.

Apple recently announced changes to the price points on the App Store as well


Apple recently announced changes to the price points on the App Store as wellCredit: Getty

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