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People are just noticing mind-blowing iPhone hack to make every app better

APPS are more customisable than you might think.

Apple has a whole host of special settings that allow you to tweak how your favourites look for the better.


The key is per-app settings

They’re hidden within the accessibility settings of your iPhone and anyone can use them.

So if you want bigger text on one app, no problem.

Or maybe you just want the text to be bolder so it’s easier to see.

You can even make tappable links much more visible by making them appear as buttons.

How to change per-app settings on iPhone

To change an app’s appearance, go to Settings and find Accessibility.

Scroll down to the bottom and hit Per-App Settings.

Tap Add App and find the app you wish to customise.

Then you can change what you like from the list.

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What can I change in the per-app settings?

There are various customisation options available in the per-app settings on your iPhone.

Under display and text there is the option to make it bold.

You can also increase – or decrease – the size of text using an adjustable bar.

Button shapes makes tappable links much more visible.

There’s On/Off Labels and Reduce Transparency too.

Increase Contrast increases the colour contrast between the app foreground and background colours.

And Differentiate Without Colour replaces user interface items that rely solely on colour to convey information with alternatives.

Smart Invert is there to reverse the colours of the display – except for images, video and some apps that use dark colour styles.

You can also make some motion adjustments, including Reduce Motion which lessens the user interface’s motion.

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Auto-Play Video Previews is used to turn on or off video previews in apps – for example, the trailers that play on Netflix – particularly handy if you have limited data.

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