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Apple Store India: Inauguration of Apple Store will be held tomorrow in the capital, preparations are underway – Marathi News | Apple store in Delhi will open tomorrow, preparations in full swing

Apple Store Delhi: The second Apple Store in India is set to open in Saket, Delhi. An Apple store was recently inaugurated in Mumbai. Now there is a lot of craze about the launch of the Delhi store.

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New Delhi : Apple Store in India now (apple store) It has started. Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company’s 25th anniversary (tim cook) Yesterday (April 18) the Apple store was inaugurated in Mumbai. Now the capital of Delhi (Delhi) The number will be given tomorrow (April 20). (sake) A new Apple store will be inaugurated here. Preparations are underway for that. The company and customers are very excited about the opening of the Apple Store in the capital. The doors of the Apple Store Saket will open for everyone tomorrow at 10 am.

Let’s know what exactly is being prepared for this.

If you too live in Delhi-NCR, you can witness this special moment. The Delhi Apple Store will be inaugurated tomorrow at 10 am. The store is located at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, Delhi. The Apple Store in Saket is spread over an area of ​​over 10,000 square feet.

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An Apple Store that showcases Delhi’s heritage

Before the launch of the store in Mumbai, a huge crowd had gathered outside the Apple store. Something similar can be seen in Delhi too. There is a lot of craze for Apple Store here too. Currently the store space in the mall has a beautiful facade. This shows the historical heritage of Delhi. Along with this, QR codes have been placed on the barricade. If you scan it, you will get information about store updates and products.

A Delhi Special Music Experience

You can also download Apple Saket wallpapers with this code. One of the best experiences available at the Apple Store in Delhi is Apple Music. You can enjoy Delhi Special Music on Apple Music by coming here. Apart from this the infrastructure of the store is amazing. Until now, such a view was only seen in Apple Stores overseas.

These services are available in the Apple Store

You can avail many exclusive services of Apple in this store. A trade-in program will also be available at the Apple Store. At the same time, Genius Bar is a different story. Like Mumbai, products like the latest iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPod, Apple Watch and Apple TV will be showcased for consumers in Delhi.

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