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Waiting for the SUV version of Baleno? The first glimpse will be seen in ‘this’ city… | Are you also waiting for the SUV version of Maruti Baleno will be seen in this city after a few months

This upcoming SUV from Maruti Baleno is expected to feature sharp looking LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. These types of features are offered in Maruti Grand Vitara. Therefore, it is estimated that they will get to see Balenot as well.

Mumbai: of Maruti (Maruti) There are many such cars, which have been dominating the minds of consumers for years. Most of Maruti’s cars are budget cars and are special in terms of mileage as well as looks. So customers are more inclined towards Maruti cars. One such popular car from Maruti is the Baleno. Its popularity is not hidden from anyone, it is a premium class hatchback car. But now it’s an SUV (SUV) The car is all set to come in variants. Maruti Baleno Cross (Baleno Cross) This is the name of this car. According to reports shared by websites called ‘Gadiwadi’, the car is likely to make its debut during the Auto Expo 2023 to be held in Delhi NCR. So far, a lot of information has been revealed about this car. The first look of the car has also been leaked recently. According to reports, the car is built on the lightweight Hartect platform.

Attractive design

Currently, the code name of this car is said to be YTB or Baleno Cross. According to other leaks, Maruti may offer a coupe-type design on the roof of this upcoming car. This kind of design was earlier seen on the Maruti Grand Vitara. It is said that this design is being used in the same background.

5 seater car

The Baleno Cross will be a 5-seater car and is expected to make its first glimpse in front of customers at the 2023 Auto Expo in January next year.

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Strong look

This upcoming SUV from Maruti will get sharp looking LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. This variant has been seen in the Maruti Grand Vitara. While the Baleno is currently being sold from Nexa showrooms, there is no word yet on where the Baleno Cross will be sold.

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