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Arsenal captain takes November and December’s Player of the Month in FIFA 23

Arsenal captain takes November and December’s Player of the Month in FIFA 23

PLAYER of the Month is back in FIFA 23 after a long hiatus for the World Cup.

FIFA fans voted for their favourites, which in a rare turn of events, counted for both November and December in the Premier League.


The old and new cards side by side.Credit: EA Sports

October was won by Newcastle United for the first time, as Miguel Almirón took home the award.

With the disruption that the World Cup has caused FIFA 23 decided on just one Premier League player for the last two months of 2022.

Martin Ødegaard has ended up taking the double month, and has had his rating boosted to 89, one of the best in the game.

Arsenal is currently top of the Premier League thanks to fantastic leadership from Ødegaard.

He was also voted the Premier League Player of the Month for his footwork in December.

His Player of the Month card gives him a five-point boost taking him from 84 to 89.

As his card was already highly-rated, his boost isn’t as impressive as Almirón’s, who went up nine points.

Here are Ødegaard’s base stats compared to his Player of the Month card:

  • Overall – Base = 84 / PotM = 89 (+5)
  • Pacing – Base = 76 / PotM = 86 (+10)
  • Shooting – Base = 75 / PotM = 84 (+9)
  • Passing – Base = 86 / PotM = 91 (+5)
  • Dribbling – Base = 84 / PotM = 89 (+5)
  • Defending – Base = 58 / PotM = 63 (+5)
  • Physicality – Base = 63 / PotM = 69 (+6)

Ødegaard’s new Player of the Month card is available in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs from now until the end of the month.

After this, they will only be available for an inflated price on the in-game Transfer Market.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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