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Once every few months, we take a look at the world of enterprise e-commerce platforms to see how things are panning out, and our last assessment was pretty illuminating.

Here are some stand-out statistics: 2022 is turning out to be a phenomenal year for enterprise e-commerce platforms. The pandemic was a reckoning for big corporations ambivalent about e-commerce, and the result of that ensuing clarity is evident in enterprise e-commerce adoption.

The top enterprise e-commerce platforms have added more than 10,000 merchants. That’s immense, especially as the year is still far from over, and these platforms already have just 1,000 merchants shy of last year. This year promises to be the year of net-new additions for enterprise e-commerce platforms.


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However, such e-commerce companies are quite complex. Multistore setups, multicountry website versions, integrations with heterogenous back-end systems across online stores — it’s all par for the course.


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