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Aventon Abound is an electric cargo bike with a lot of flexibility — and a great price

Aventon announced a new electric cargo bike, the Abound, which the California-based company describes as “an efficient alternative to driving a car around town.” With a 750-watt motor, a variety of accessories, and a total weight rating of 440 lbs, the Abound is designed to be a versatile, safe, and affordable mobility option for anyone looking to do less driving in their life.

Aventon is mostly known for its fat-tired, adventure-themed road bikes, so a cargo bike was never a guaranteed addition to the company’s lineup. That said, Aventon brought a lot of the same attention to detail to the Abound as it did with previous models, which should help give the bike a bit of a leg-up compared to other low-cost models.

Aventon says the suggest price for the Abound is $2,199

How low cost as we talking? Aventon says the suggest price for the Abound is $2,199, putting on par (if not slightly more expensive) with competitor cargo bikes like Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon and Lectric’s newly released Xpedition. That should help spark interest among consumers who are looking to supplant car trips with a more sustainable mode of transportation, but don’t want to take out a second mortgage on the house in the process.

The Abound may be low priced compared to many of cargo bikes from legacy manufacturers, but it doesn’t skimp on features. A powerful 750W, rear-hub motor will propel the bike to a max speed of 20 mph (32km/h). There are four assist levels — Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo — and torque sensors deliver power nearly as soon as you start pedaling. And when you’re stuck at a dead stop with extra cargo weighing you down, there’s a thumb throttle to help get you started moving.

The removable 720Wh battery (48V / 15Ah) is rated up to 50 miles of range, but that will depend on how much assist you’re using. Like cruising around in the top Turbo mode? You should expect to get less range out of the Abound’s battery if that’s the case.

One of the features that makes Aventon bikes stand out from the rest of the pack is the inclusion of color displays, where you can see important information like speed, mileage, and battery percentages. Most budget e-bikes skimp in this area by offering only the most basic displays, but Aventon likes to splurge on the color LCD, and it’s hard to fault them for it when the price is so nice. Aventon also has its own smartphone app which can be linked to the bike via Bluetooth, for a more thorough breakdown of your bike’s performance.

Another surprising feature you’ll find on this bike are working turn signals in the integrated rear tail light. That certainly comes in handy when communicating your intentions to mostly clueless car drivers who often chafe at sharing the road with cyclists.

In fact, there are a host of top-shelf features to be found on this bike, which again, and I can’t stress this enough, is pretty rare on a bike in this price segment. These include adjustable front suspension, a nice dropper seat, hydraulic disc brakes of extra stopping power, and a 7-speed transmission.

Of course, all those features add up — literally. The Abound is a heavy bike, weighing in at 81 lbs without any accessories. Add a childseat, or rear rack railings, and those pounds will add up. The front handlebar folds down, for extra storage flexibility, but ultimately this is not a bike you want to be caught carrying up (or down) any stairs if you can avoid it.

Most budget e-bikes skimp in this area by offering only the most basic displays, but Aventon likes to splurge on the color LCD

Speaking of accessories, Aventon offers a lot to help you configure your ride to your specific needs. There’s a front and rear baskets, a rear seat pad for kids or adult passengers, pannier bags, a center compartment for extra storage, and options for a trailer. Of course, adding any of things to your bike will cause that suggested retail price to go up, so keep all that in mind when shopping.

But of course, a fully kitted cargo e-bike should not be compared to traditional bikes, or even other e-bikes, but rather to the car that you’re probably hoping to replace. E-bikes are always a better value proposition, in addition to being better for the environment and all around more fun to ride. Don’t take my word on it: just ask any kid who’s had the pleasure of riding with a parent or caregiver, and they’ll tell you just how much better it is seeing the world from the back of a bike than from a car.


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