Best Gaming PC Under Rs. 50,000 With Intel 11th Gen CPU

It is no secret that when it involves budget CPUs, Intel takes the crown. Here we’ve got the simplest Gaming PC build you’ll assemble under Rs. 50,000 which may handle most games at 50-60 fps in medium settings.

Intel Core i3-11100 11th Gen Processor – Price: Rs. 11,033

To power the core of this PC, we are getting to use the i3-11100 11th Gen processor from Intel which has 4 cores and eight threads for blazing performance and smooth gameplay. It can step up to 4.50 GHz and supports PCIe Gen. 3.0 16 lanes.

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ASRock B560M Pro4 Motherboard – Price: Rs. 10,600

This motherboard from ASRock features an LGA1200 socket and an Intel B560M chipset that’s compatible with our 11th Gen processor. It features a good array of I/O ports including support for PCIe Gen 4.0 for future upgrades. The polychrome sync feature from ASRock will give your PC a fresh New Look with 2 addressable LED headers.

Gigabyte 8GB (8GBx1) DDR4 2666MHz – Price: Rs. 4,032

For this Gaming PC build, we’ve opted for one DIMM unit of 2666 MHz which is quite enough for moderate to heavy gaming usage. This RAM stick comes with Intel’s XMP support.

Kingston A400 480GB Internal SSD – Price: Rs. 4,700

An SSD will help this Gaming PC build achieve higher system boot times alongside increased read and write speeds in comparison to a standard HDD. An SSD is a clear choice over an HDD when it involves sheer performance although it’s a tad bit costlier.

Antec NX310 ARGB – Price: Rs. 3,950

To hold all of our components in situ, we are going with the Antex NX310 ARGB which comes with a pre-installed ARGB fan alongside support for up to eight fans. It even features a tempered glass side panel to form sure all of your components are shown off as they were meant to be.

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