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Best TV settings for 2022 Qatar World Cup – how to get perfect picture

THERE’S not long to go until the World Cup so be sure to get your telly sorted for the best experience.

The BBC is set to make most of the matches they’re showing available in 4K via the BBC iPlayer, so all the more reason to get your TV settings right before November 20.


Tournament begins on November 20Credit: Reuters

You can do all sorts like select picture mode and change the brightness on most TV sets.

Here’s what you should and should not do.

Picture mode

Picture mode might be the obvious thing you want to change on your TV but don’t be fooled.

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You may find it tucked within the TV’s settings menu, though some have a button on the remote to access it.

Picture mode is usually set to a default, but there are various options to suit different needs, such as movies.

There is usually one called sport or something similar, but many telly experts recommend against it.

It apparently makes things far too bright.

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Contrast and brightness

There are a bunch of settings you can fiddle around with yourself on TVs these days.

These include contrast and brightness – you’ll find them on the TV settings menu.

Optimising what you see really comes down to personal preference, there’s no right or wrong.

Contrast takes care of the bright bits of the image, while the brightness setting changes the dark areas.

Making either of these too high or low won’t offer the best result but a slight adjustment might do the trick.

Sharpness and colour

Sharpness is a funny one – it basically works as an edge enhancement but this can actually take away some of the finer detail. Try this on the lower side of the scale.

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Colour temperature will deal with how warm or cool you want the images to appear, so have a play around until it looks natural and – most importantly – pleasing on the eye.

There are also some dynamic black and dynamic contrast options which are usually switched on automatically – turn them off and see if it makes things better.

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