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Big Chance for Apple Lovers… Buy New iPhone 14 for Only 53,900 | Big chance for Apple lovers Buy new iPhone 14 just for only 53,900 rs

If you are looking to buy an iPhone in the near future, this news is for you. Customers are often waiting for a discount to buy the base variant of Rs 80,000. But now your wait is over and many customers are going to buy iPhone after seeing the discount offers mentioned in this article.

apple (Apple) iPhone 14 (Apple iPhone 14) series has recently been launched in the Indian market. The price of iPhone 14 launched under this series starts from Rs 79,900. That is, the price of the base variant model is around 80 thousand. Every Apple lover wants to get this smartphone at a discount price. Now it will become reality. If you also have the new iPhone 14 (iPhone 14) model, then today in this article we are going to tell you how you can buy this model for Rs 53,900.

What is the offer?

Many offers have been listed on the India iStore website including the iPhone 14. 5,000 cashback is being offered on HDFC Bank Debit-Credit Card with this model. Along with this there is an additional exchange bonus of Rs 3,000. After availing both these benefits, this model priced at Rs 79,900 can be bought for just Rs 71,900.

Customers who own an iPhone 11 and want to exchange their old phone for an iPhone 14 can get a bumper discount. 18000 discount is being given on exchange. That means if you get the full exchange value, the base variant of the iPhone 14 will cost Rs 53,900.

5 thousand and 3 thousand exchange bonus, the base variant is priced at Rs 71,900 instead of Rs 79,900. An exchange discount of up to 18 thousand is also being offered. If the full exchange value i.e. 18 thousand is availed, then the customer will get 71,900 – (minus) 18000 (exchange). At this time, you can get this phone at a discount of Rs 53,900.

Discount depending on the condition of the mobile

The exchange value will depend on the condition of the customer’s old iPhone. If customers have a device other than iPhone 11, customers can check the exchange price by visiting the India iStore site.

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