Hush! Once the chat is over, the chat history will be transferred from Android to iPhone Chat history transfer from Android to iPhone these 10 things you should know



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If you are going to shift from Android phone to iPhone, there is good news for you. Now you can transfer your chat history, profile information, profile photos, personal chats, group chats, media and settings from Android to iPhone.


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TV9 Marathi Digital Team

TV9 Marathi Digital Team | Edited By: Prajakta Dhekle

Jun 15, 2022 | 6:14 PM

User demand seems to have finally succeeded. The reason for this is that now users can access their chat history, profile information, photos and other data from the Android phone on the iPhone.iPhone) Will be able to transfer. So those who want to shift from Android phone to iPhone now will benefit from this decision of WhatsApp. WhatsApp (WhatsApp(Finally from Android)Android) From which access is granted to transfer chat history to iPhone. Earlier this feature was only possible from iPhone to Android but now it will be transferred from Android to iPhone. This new feature is a great relief to the users who use the messaging platform a lot. Meanwhile, it is said that this feature is currently being rolled out in beta variants of WhatsApp.

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  1. According to information received from WhatsApp, users will be able to transfer their call history from Android phone to iPhone.
  2. WhatsApp states on its FAQ page that data will not be automatically transferred to cloud storage unless users create an iCloud backup.
  3. WhatsApp has already stated that it will not be able to check the data being transferred to devices.
  4. Users will have chat data in their Android smartphone and if you want to transfer it to iPhone, users will have to delete their messaging app.
  5. Users will have to use the old mobile number on the new device to use these features.
  6. Meanwhile, to take advantage of this feature, users must have a new iPhone or set the data move from the old phone to factory settings to add the Move to iOS app.
  7. Users must have both devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. In case of any such problem, users will be able to connect the Android device to the iPhone’s hotspot.
  8. To use the chat history transfer feature, users will need to create the Move to iOS app on their Android phone.
  9. This new feature will only work on Android devices running version or higher.
  10. iOS users will be required to have an iPhone or higher.

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