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Computer Network Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

Now, if you are looking for a computer network job, you should prepare your 2021 computer network interview questions. It is true that every interview is different depending on the job profile. Here we have prepared some essential Computer network interview questions and answers For Freshers to help you with a successful interview.

1. Name two technologies by which you would connect two offices in remote locations.


Two technologies by which would connect two offices in remote locations are VPN and Cloud computing.

2. What is internetworking?


Internetworking is a combination of two words, inter and networking which implies an association between totally different nodes or segments. This connection area unit is established through intercessor devices akin to routers or gateway. The first term for associate degree internetwork was interconnected. This interconnection is often among or between public, private, commercial, industrial, or governmental networks. Thus, associate degree internetwork could be an assortment of individual networks, connected by intermediate networking devices, that function as one giant network. Internetworking refers to the trade, products, and procedures that meet the challenge of making and administering internet works.

3. Name of the software layers or User support layer in OSI model.


  • Application layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Session layer

4. Name of the hardware layers or network support layer in the OSI model.


  • Network layer
  • Datalink layer
  • Physical layer

5. Define HTTPS protocol?


The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext transfer protocol secure. It is an advanced version of the HTTP protocol. Its port number is 443 by default. It uses SSL/TLS protocol for providing security.

6. Name some services provided by the application layer in the Internet model?


Some services provided by the application layer in the Internet model are as follows:

  • Mail services
  • Directory services
  • Access management
  • File transfer
  • Network virtual terminal

7. In which OSI layer is the header and trailer added?


At Data link layer trailer is added and at OSI model layer 6,5,4,3 added header.

8. What happens in the OSL model, as a data packet moves from the lower to upper layers?


In the OSL model, as a data packet moves from the lower to upper layers, headers get removed.

9. What happens in the OSL model, as a data packet moves from the upper to lower layers?


In the OSL model, as a data packet moves from the lower to upper layers, headers are added. This header contains useful information.

10. What is a zone-based firewall?


A Zone-based firewall is an advanced method of the stateful firewall. In a stateful firewall, a stateful database is maintained in which source IP address, destination IP address, source port number, destination port number are recorded. For this reason, only responses are allowed, that is, if traffic is generated from within the network, only responses (internal network traffic) from outside the network are allowed.

Cisco IOS router can be made firewall through two methods:

By using CBAC: create an access list and apply it to the interfaces keeping in mind what traffic should be allowed or denied and in what direction. This has an extra overhead for the administrator. Using a Zone-based firewall.

11. What is a server farm?


A server farm is a set of many servers interconnected together and housed within the same physical facility. A server farm provides the combined computing power of many servers by simultaneously executing one or more applications or services. A server farm is generally a part of an enterprise data center or a component of a supercomputer. A server farm is also known as a server cluster or computer ranch.

12. Name the three means of user authentication.


There is biometrics (e.g. a thumbprint, iris scan), a token, or a password. There is also two-level authentication, which employs two of those methods.


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