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We fell in love after meeting on Fortnite despite living 1,000 miles apart

FORTNITE fans living 1,000 miles apart have fallen in love thanks to the game.

Carla Valle Cazorla and Niels van de Kolk, both 22, chatted in English over their microphones.


Carla Valle Cazorla and Niels van de Kolk met while playing Fortnite despite living 1,000 miles apartCredit: SWNS
The couple both chatted in English over their microphones


The couple both chatted in English over their microphonesCredit: Alamy

They were wary of a long-distance relationship with Spanish Carla in Terrassa, Catalonia, and Dutch Niels in Amsterdam.

But after three years of getting to know each other and occasionally meeting they are finally a couple. Niels, an applied psychology student, said: “We met through Fortnite and became friends instantly.

“From that point on, it kept evolving.”

Dentistry student Carla added: “We were such good friends and we didn’t rush into things.

“I believe if it’s meant to be it will be.”

They first talked in 2019 when Carla had just started seeing someone.

They met in Amsterdam as friends in February 2020, and got together three more times after pandemic restrictions were lifted.

Carla’s relationship ended in June 2021.

She saw Niels in Barcelona that August and met his family in the following December.

They met up several times during 2022 before starting dating just before Christmas.

Niels said: “I realised that she’s the best for me, and that I’m the best for her.”

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