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Creepy AI images show what ‘last person on Earth’ looks like and the results are horrifying

CREEPY AI images have revealed what the last person on Earth could look like – and the results are horrifying.

A set of spooky pictures have been generated by artificial intelligence and depict not only the last human, but a blood river, cave of death, and the start of WWI.


AI generated an image of what the last person on earth may look likeCredit: Tiktok – @theaidrawing
It also created what it thought a cave of death was


It also created what it thought a cave of death wasCredit: Tiktok – @theaidrawing

Each image looks realistic in its own way – which makes it even more creepy.

The illustration of the last man on Earth shows an older gentleman whose skin looks as painful as his red, teary eyes.

The crimson blood river, dark cave of death and eerie scenes of the start of WWIII make your skin crawl just as much.

The AI images were shared on TikTok for all to see.

The user, called The AI Drawing, captioned the clip: “Which one is the most scary?”

The clip garnered 74,000 likes and more than 200 comments – with many people saying how “real” each image looks.

It comes as a former White House official exclusively told The Sun Online Deepfake AI-generated people will be among us by 2024.

She said the technology is only going to become more advanced – with rapid developments already smoothing out the edges and finessing the programmes.

Red flags are already being raised – as some imagery created by AI can already be almost indistinguishable from the real thing apart from a few telltale inconsistencies.

The former White House official was speaking after AI created frighteningly realistic pics of people who have never existed.

At first glance the picture looks like it could be snapped on any night out as three young women smile as they enjoy themselves.

But the longer you look at the image it will begin to look uncanny and maybe even make you uncomfortable.

In the TikTok, AI also created what it thought the beginning of WWIII looked like


In the TikTok, AI also created what it thought the beginning of WWIII looked likeCredit: Tiktok – @theaidrawing

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