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Cyber Criminals hit over 4000 e-commerce portals

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales

During these Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales, Hackers/Cyber Criminals have hit more than 5000 Online Retail Customers by Stealing their personal and payment information, Says National Cyber Security Center in the UK on Monday.

And It Notified 5000 small business sites whose customers’ information was stolen.

Sarah Lyons, deputy director of economy and society at NCSC asked small and medium-sized Online Retailers to know how to prevent their sites from being exploited by Cyber Criminals.

“Falling Victim to Cyber Crime could leave you your customers out of pocket and cause reputational damage,” Lyons added.

“Retailers are Urged to ensure that Magento and any other software they use is up to date. The NCSC’s website has guidance on running a secure website, including moving business from physical to digital,” The UK Watchdog said.

One of the Key things that online retailers can do to help prevent payment and personal data from being stolen is to apply the available security patches that stop cybercriminals from being able to exploit known vulnerabilities in Magento and any other software they use, The UK Watchdog added.

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