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People are just realising default iPhone setting drains your battery – how to fix it instantly

APPLE iPhones come fitted with default features which can secretly drain the battery life of devices.

One feature, tucked deep inside the Settings app, is a pretty big culprit behind your iPhone battery living in the red zone.


The feature is switched on unless users turn it off themselves

Background App Refresh is a feature that allows apps to refresh their information in the background, so it’s up to date when you go back to the app.

It is a behind-the-scenes feature that most iPhones users don’t know about.

Certain apps, such as apps that use your location, use this feature more than others.

It can be helpful to stay on top of things, but it does mean your device is working harder than you thought it was at face value.

The feature is switched on unless iPhones users turn it off themselves.

When it is on, it often uses cellular data – like 3G or 4G – to refresh its information.

Turning off the feature means the apps will not refresh in the background.

Instead, when you go to use one, you may need to wait for it to refresh to update data.

To turn it off, head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > turn the toggle off.

Another default iPhone setting is also responsible for weighing on battery life.

And turning it off can also save iPhone users from interacting with an annoying pop up which is common with new apps.

The feature automatically allows apps to ask iPhone users to give permission to the company to track their activity across other apps.

It’s a nosy feature which gives companies insight into their users’ activity beyond their own app.

When the feature is switched off, all new app tracking requests are automatically denied.

To turn it off, open Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Allow Apps to Request to Track > turn toggle off.

When turning the feature off, users will be able to see what apps have previously asked them for permission and which apps they have given access to.

iPhone users can also slide the toggles off to any of these apps, should they want to.

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