Difference Between SSD and HDD

Hello to all my readers. I hope that You are all safe and healthy. Today we are discussing the Difference Between SSD and HDD. In this, we are going to see What is SSD and HDD? How are they Helpful? and also the Advantages and the Disadvantages of SSD and HDD.


An HDD (Hard Drive Disk) is a legacy storage device that uses mechanical platers and spinnings to read and write data, Whereas an SSD (Solid State Drive) uses instantly accessible memory chips and is much pretty faster when compared to HDD. 

It’s been 50 years that HDD Started. Gradually HDD’s evolved with more storage capacity and less physical size. Because of their low cost, HDDs are used in all laptops and computer manufacturers. 

1TB of HDD only costs Rs.3000 to Rs.4000. Because of their Spinning Disks, HDDs use more power which reduces battery life.

The platters spin with a speed of 4200 RPM to 7200 RPM.

The disadvantage of Using HDD is Lack of Speed. The above mention speed is the highest Preset Speed of HDD.


SSD (Solid State Drive) Uses Flash Memory with Superior Performance. Solid State Drives are pretty faster, more durable, run cool, less power consumption. Solid State Drives runs on NAND Operations.

SSDs are modern Storage Technology. So SSDs are Expensive. When Compared to a 1TB HDD, 128GB of SSD is Enough to run a laptop smoother. Due to their modern technology and speed, SSDs are expensive. On Average, 1TB of SSD costs Rs.10,000. SSDs give faster loading times for large applications, games without having any lag. The laptop runs cool as they consume less power and results in more battery life.

My Opinion and Experience with SSD and HDD:

My laptop has Windows 10 64-bit OS, Intel Core i3 6th Gen Processor, and 8GB RAM. With this Config, I used my laptop with HDD for 3 Years. I used to work on Android Studio daily for more than 18 hours a day. For the first two and half years, it worked well without any lag. After that, I experienced slow performance, Overheating, and lag on my laptop. So I replaced HDD with an SSD. I just felt WOW by the performance it gave. I didn’t expect that much high-speed performance in a three-year-old laptop. After Installing SSD, Along with Android Studio, I started using heavy Softwares like Unity, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro without any problem. So I Suggest buying a laptop with SSD. The booting time is just 5 Sec. Do you even believe it? But you have to. It is all Because of SSD. If you are a normal laptop user you can go with HDD. But if you use heavy software like me I recommend you to go with SSD.

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