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I tried Dyson’s wacky gadget for pets and it’s a life-changer

PET hair is a pet peeve for many.

So naturally you want to try grooming brushes to clear their coats of any loose hairs.


The pet grooming kit attaches to Dyson’s existing cordless vacuums
Lizzy tried it out for us - and seemed to like it


Lizzy tried it out for us – and seemed to like it

But bits can easily fall off and you may end up having to pull some of it with your hands – not ideal if you have allergies.

Dyson has come up with a clever new vacuum gizmo specifically aimed at taking cat and dog hairs off with minimal mess.

It’s an attachment that goes on the end of the Dyson vacuum, so you can switch it on and it sucks all the hairs up in one big go.

The device is ideal for medium and long haired pets.

It features a comfortable push mechanism you hold down as you gently motion across your dog or cat’s coat.

So we decided to try it out on Lizzy, who loves a good grooming brush session.

As someone whose skin gets easily irritated by cat hairs, the Dyson pet grooming kit certainly helped.

But I did make some adjustments of my own.

The tool is acoustically engineered to keep things more peaceful for your pet, but the problem is Lizzy is very familiar with the mere appearance of our vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute.

Bringing it anywhere near her is not going to end well, but I tried anyway.

Sure enough, she did not stay still – so far, so bad.

So, I decide what might be best is to detach the end piece, do the brushing, then I can re-attach it after and suck everything up.

And it worked!

Lizzy was much more receptive to the less imposing appearance and sure enough the 364 bristles effortlessly caught hold of her loose hairs.

I click the brush end back into the hose and switch the Dyson vacuum on and it disappears in an instant.

No hairs left behind, no faff.

I decide to have a second go and this time the hairs don’t suck off instantly, but a quick wiggle of the trigger and it comes loose.

Overall, it’s a great little extra accessory, if a little expensive compared to your usual grooming brush, at £65.

But if you already have a cordless Dyson and you have a pet, it’s a worthwhile addition.

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I can see much more value out of it if you have a long haired dog as well.

Switch the vacuum on and it disappears in an instant


Switch the vacuum on and it disappears in an instant

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