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E-Passport with chip! E Passport with chip printing soon know the benefits and how its work

Soon e-passports will be available in India. The Ministry of External Affairs has made special preparations for this. This will also make international travel easier. Know how it will work..

Soon your passport will be E Passport, understand what is special

Mumbai: Passport is one of the main documents. It is a necessary document to move from one country to another. With the modern era, the passport is also ready to be discarded. Of course, electronic form of passport will come. The chip will come in your passport booklet. In this chip, the complete information will be mentioned in electrical form. Around 10 lakh e-passports are to be issued as a pilot project. Initially, the facility of e-passport will be started at less crowded centres. That means e-passports will be available in the next few days.

What exactly is the difference between passport and e-passport?

E-passport will be similar to physical passport. But the difference is that it will have a small electric chip. It is similar to the chip on an existing driver’s license. This chip is going to contain important data. This will include your name, date of birth, home address etc. The e-passport will have a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. This will make it easy to quickly identify passengers at the airport.

E-passport will prevent fake passports. It is said that this step has been taken from a security perspective. At the same time incidents like data tampering can be prevented. Passport officials say that it will be almost impossible to make a face passport. Currently e-passport is being distributed in more than 100 countries.

When will e-passport be available?

Technical framework for e-passport like management system, interoperability test bed, project management unit, e-personalization, e-passport verification, immigration check post is being prepared. The entire network is likely to be completed by June.

The booklet containing the chip will be printed at a printing press in Nashik. So far 4.5 crore booklets have been ordered. For the first time, the Ministry of External Affairs has set a target of printing 70 lakh booklets. Now nearly 10 crore people in the country have passports. So these passports will also be upgraded in a phased manner.

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