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EE reveals first look at brand new Wi-Fi upgrade that will speed up your devices very soon

EE has revealed first look at a brand new home broadband with a powerful Wi-Fi upgrade that will speed up your devices soon.

The internet service provider has vowed that its customers will be among the first in the world to experience the next generation tech.


EE customers will be among the first in the world to gain access to the fastest Wi-FiCredit: Getty

Although the launch date hasn’t been set in stone yet, the company has promised to deliver the cutting edge home broadband this year.

Express has reported that the new router will feature a neat white and grey design made from 95 per cent recycled plastic.

The device looks small – standing at only 10 inches – but its mighty capabilities will provide the fastest connectivity and even additional services controlled via the EE app.

EE’s most advanced router to date – the EE Smart Hub Plus – uses Wi-Fi 6 as a standard with most internet providers offering Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6.

But with the demands for connectivity increasing, the company is looking to expand their capabilities to offer faster internet.

It is predicted that every household will double the number of Wi-Fi connected devices in the next five years.

In a press statement, Marc Allera, CEO of EE said: “EE broadband customers will be among the first globally to benefit from access to a certified next-gen Wi-Fi 7 home hub – providing them with the cutting-edge of innovation in connectivity.”

UK homes will soon be able to stream 8K videos, use cloud gaming, video call or even immerse themselves in VR headsets without compromising the speed of Wi-Fi.

In fact, all of those activities could even be performed at the same time in the house without interfering with one another.

So if you are watching Netflix in 4k while your kid is downloading huge PS5 games, you won’t have to worry about screen freezing anymore.

Customer who rang EE to get new Sim card offered £40,000 cocaine deal

Wi-Fi 7 promises to be up to four times faster than its predecessor.

It can also support channels that are up to 320 MHz wide – compared to 160 MHz of Wi-Fi 6E.

To put it into perspective, the more lanes there are on a highway, the more traffic it can handle.

EE has previously boosted the broadband for customers through full Fibre 1.6Gbps internet, which the company claims is the fastest ‘reliable’ speeds of any major provider in the UK.

Beyond new speeds, new and existing customers will be able to switch over to special Gaming and Work from Home broadband packages.

These packages also include a new Wi-Fi enhancer button, to locally boost connection speeds as and when they’re needed.

The Wi-Fi enhancer is a toggle that will appear under your broadband package in the EE app.

EE serves more than 25million mobile and broadband customers across the UK.


EE serves more than 25million mobile and broadband customers across the UK.Credit: Getty

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