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EU Working on 5-Year Update Standard for Android Phones, Improved Battery Longevity: All Details

Smartphone manufacturers may have to start offering three years of major Android updates and five years of security patches in the European Union, according to a new draft regulation. The proposed changes could increase the life span of smartphones and other devices to up to 5 years with the helo of extended software support, which is said to be equivalent of removing 5 million cars off the roads. The European Commission has already closed the feedback window for member nations. and is currently accepting feedback from the public until September 28.

According to a report by 9to5Google citing a draft regulation draft regulation, the European Commission has proposed several measures aimed at Android smartphone manufacturers, with the goal of reducing e-waste. As per the report, the commission has proposed that smartphone brands and manufacturers should start providing three years of major updates or Android version updates, and five years of Android security patches in European Union and its member nations.

The move is expected to increase the lifespan of handsets to five years, which is equivalent to the removal of 5 million cars from the roads, as per the draft regulation. According to the report, the proposed update schedule is similar to the one offered by Google for its Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. The commission has also proposed that companies should also offer at least 5 years of repair and after-sales services.

The European Commission has also proposed that the European Union should require all smartphone brands to install batteries that can retain at least 83 percent of its rated capacity after 500 charge cycles, and 80 percent after 1,000 cycles.

For now, only Apple claims that the batteries on iPhone models can retain up to 80 percent of their rated capacity after 500 charge cycles. The commission is currently accepting feedback from the public till September 28, and aims to implement the new rules by in 2024.

In June, the European Union reportedly finalised a deal that forces all smartphone brands to adopt the USB Type-C port. Apple is tipped to start shipping iPhone models in the European Union with a USB Type-C port in 2024, in place of its proprietary Lightning connector.

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