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Eufy’s new X8 Pro robot vacuum can detangle hair automatically

Anker’s Eufy division has a new robot vacuum cleaner with more powerful suction than its other offerings, and which can automatically detangle hair and pet fur from its bottom roller brush.

The new $649.99 Eufy Clean X8 Pro vacuum is available to purchase today on Amazon and includes many advanced features available in other vacuums, like infrared laser navigation and AI home mapping to both avoid and remember walls and other obstacles. The X8 Pro also features self-emptying abilities, and basic mopping.

Anker’s press release states that the Eufy X8 Pro is an “upgraded version” of the 2021 X8 Hybrid, which sold for the same price. The new X8 Pro’s “Twin-Turbine 2.0” motors deliver 4,000 Pa of suction each, more than the X8 Hybrid’s 2,000 Pa. But as Jennifer Pattison Tuohy writes in our robot vacuum buying guide, “It’s not all about suction. In my testing, the brush is the big factor in how well a robot will clean your floors.”

With its new design, the X8 Pro’s all-important side brush is located on the front-right of the robot, which shoves dirt right into the roller brush, which is V-shaped to help guide leftover macaroni and kibble right into the suction path. Once a session is completed, X8 Pro can spin its roller brush in the opposite direction and use an integrated comb to pull out tangled hair and pet fur.

Active detangling in action on the Eufy Clean X8 Pro.
Source: Eufy, GIF by Umar Shakir / The Verge

The Pro also includes a larger air duct and an oversized air filter compared to the X8 Hybrid, and can handle more debris pickup.

The docking station inhales all that dirt from the X8 Pro into a dust bag that Anker says is large enough (2.5L) to hold up to 45 days worth of collections before needing you to remove the bag for disposal. The self-empty station includes a triple-filtration system that helps seal 99.9 percent of dirt while it runs a collection cycle, according to Anker. You’re not getting rotational mops that can auto-clean and heat dry like the X9 Pro, but you can still let the bottom fabric of the X8 Pro wipe up the floor for general cleaning.

Eufy is also updating the X9 Pro by the end of September to include new edge-hugging deep-mopping features, water-level detection, and smart no-go zones. The features are currently available to beta testers. The Clean app on the X8 Pro will let you run manual detangling cycles, and also lets you observe your home map and program which cycles to run in which rooms and which places to avoid — features that Roomba owners have come to expect as well.


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