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F1 Manager 2022 Guide: Best teams for beginners

F1 MANAGER 2022 will let you take the wheel of your own Formula 1 team, but some are better than others.

You may be tempted to play as your favourite team and help them reach for the stars, but when you’re a beginner, this might not be the best strategy.


Ferrari is the best team to get your first win.Credit: Frontier developments

For a gentle start into the world of Formula 1 management, here are the teams we recommend depending on how much you like a challenge.

How to win the Grand Prix in F1 Manager?

If you want to start out with a Grand Prix win under your belt, these are the teams which will see you race to the top.

Ferrari – Starting Stats

  • Season goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Long-term goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Budget: High
  • Car: 10/10
  • Headquarters: 8/10
  • Drivers: Charles Leclerc (88) and Carlos Sainz (87)
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Ferrari may have its sights set high, but you will have the right tools to give you the best chance at success.

You start out with the best car of any of the teams, and plenty of money to spend in the boot.

The headquarters are also very well equipped and you start out with a solid pair of drivers.

Red Bull – Starting Stats

  • Season goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Long-term goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Budget: High
  • Car: 9/10
  • Headquarters in comparison: 10/10
  • Drivers: Max Verstappen (90) and Sergio Perez (87)

Verstappen will start you out as the defending drivers’ champion, but you will still have to work to get the Constructors’ World Championship.

While Red Bull’s cars aren’t quite as fast as Ferrari’s, the Itallians don’t have a driver like Verstappen to utilise their tools.

Red Bull’s headquarters are also second bar none, allowing the team to spend its large budget wisely. 

Perez can lag a bit behind Verstappen and the Ferrari boys, so beating out Ferrari can become a bit tricky, but possible if you play your cars right.

Which teams can get on the podium in F1 Manager 2022?

These teams might not let you race to the top immediately, but with the right investments it’s possible to make it onto the podium.

The races at this level become more exciting as you attack as well as defend.

Mercedes – Starting Stats

  • Season goal: 3rd place
  • Long-term goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Budget: High
  • Car: 8/10
  • Headquarters: 9/10
  • Drivers: Lewis Hamilton (90) and George Russell (86)

Mercedes has some good power behind it, with the right drivers, budget, cars and headquarters to make some waves.

Unfortunately, you will be starting the season from behind, which is why you’re only fighting for the podium, not the crown.

Alfa Romeo – Starting Stats

  • Season goal: 5th place
  • Long-term goal: Podium contender
  • Budget: Low
  • Car: 7/10
  • Headquarters: 2/10
  • Drivers: Valtteri Bottas (87) and Zhou Guanyu (79)

If you want a bit of a challenge while keeping the chance of a place on the podium, then Alfa Romeo is the team for you.

The budget and headquarters might not be the best, but you have a great car, and some solid drivers to start off the season.

With the right development, Alfa Romeo can maintain good form and even catch up to the leading teams.

This is our recommendation for a fun yet challenging first campaign

Which team should I pick in F1 Manager 2022, to come up from behind?

The teams above can win you a victory in a relatively short amount of time, but those looking for the satisfaction of bringing a team from the bottom to the top will need other choices.

Some teams in F1 Manager feel like there’s no way to win no matter how good your decision making.

Below are the teams we recommend if you’re looking to make your way slowly to the top. 


  • Season goal: 4th place
  • Long-term goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Budget: Medium
  • Car: 3/10
  • Headquarters: 6/10
  • Drivers: Lando Norris (86) and Daniel Ricciardo (84)

McLaren has its sights set on stardom, but choosing this team will start you out with a tractor.

The first season will be rough as you desperately try to build a better car, but the pay off will be sweet.


  • Season goal: 4th place
  • Long-term goal: Constructors’ World Champion
  • Budget: High
  • Car: 5/10
  • Headquarters: 3/10
  • Drivers: Fernando Alonso (85) and Esteban Ocon (85)

If you want to race with the Alpines, some serious money has to go into the headquarters to make your dreams a reality.

However, it starts with the budget possible to do so – you just have to make the right decisions.

Alpha Tauri

  • Season goal: 6th place
  • Long term goal: Podium contender
  • Budget: Medium
  • Car: 5/10
  • Headquarters: 4/10
  • Drivers: Pierre Gasly (84) and Yuki Tsunoda (77)

Alpha Tauri is one of the most difficult teams to manage, as it needs a little bit of development in all areas of this distinctly average team.

Figuring this out for yourself though can be its own reward.

Aston Martin

  • Season goal: 8th place
  • Long-term goal: Points contender
  • Budget: High
  • Car: 1/10
  • Headquarters: 6/10
  • Drivers: Sebastian Vettel (82) and Lance Stroll (79)
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Aston Martin makes an interesting pick. With a top notch budget, but little else going for it, you feel you are building your team from the ground up.

The difference between Martin and Williams is that you actually have the budget to do so.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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