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Facebook ‘DOWN’ – users say News Feed is flooded with mystery celeb posts

FACEBOOK appears to be down as thousands of users complain of a surprise outage.

The mystery error appears to be affecting Facebook fans in both the UK and US.


Online outage tracker Down Detector has logged thousands of complaints from around the world.

Most of the reports suggest that there’s an issue with both the Facebook News Feed and the app.

A huge spike in complaints was tracked, beginning at around 7am London time / 2am New York time.

Users are reporting seeing strange posts in their News Feed.

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The Sun was able to confirm that some users are experiencing a strange flurry of unrelated posts from unfollowed celebrity accounts and pages.

Meta – which owns Facebook – isn’t reporting any issues on its main status page.

But users are flocking to Twitter to moan about the outage.

One wrote: “Is FB melting down for everyone tonight?”

Another said: “Had to come to Twitter today cause Facebook down and I’m just seeing random posts.”

And one added: “What’s happening with Facebook? The feed is hilarious? Did you see it?”

In a Facebook feed seen by The Sun, posts sent to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ed Sheeran and Bear Grylls were appearing.

“I didn’t realise how many…weirdos there are who have nothing better to do that they have to surrender to posting random s*** to celeb pages on Facebook,” said one user.

“This glitch is something else.”

Another said: “Major glitch on Facebook…loads of celebrity posts!!!

“Messed up my timeline. What the hell is happening?”

Many users on Twitter have reported similar issues.

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We’ve asked Facebook for comment and will update this story with any response.

More to come…

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