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Facebook Messenger changes how chats work FOREVER in shock update

FACEBOOK is adding a brand new type of chat to Messenger called Community.

It’s a bold attempt by Facebook to take on rival chat apps like Discord and Slack.


Facebook Community Chats are rolling out right nowCredit: Facebook
You can create Community Chats for almost any topic


You can create Community Chats for almost any topicCredit: Facebook

Facebook will let browse Community Chats that are organised into lots of different categories.

Maybe there’s an event that needs a Community, or a topic – like a favourite game or TV show.

These Community Chats can be set up by people running Facebook Groups.

Each Community Chat can have lots of different sub-chats.

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For instance, a channel could be just for announcements, while others could be for discussion and general off-topic socialising.

“Rather than navigating multiple topics in a single Messenger group chat, the person who creates the Community Chat can organize chats into categories so group members can easily find what’s most interesting to them,” said Loredana Crisan, Head of Messenger at Facebook at Meta.

“For example, a band’s fan group could have a ‘Breaking News’ category with chats dedicated to new album drops, tour dates and group activities.”

You can have event chats for specific moments, view-only broadcast chats and admin-only chats too.

And there’s the option to audio channels so members can talk to each other using voice.

Group admins will be able to moderate the chats with new tools in the app.

That means it’s possible to block, mute or suspend users – as well as remove spam or offensive messages.

“We’re committed to building messaging experiences that help people connect with their communities, friends and families,” Loredana explained.

“As Community Chats rolls out to more people and groups around the world, we’ll continue exploring new features and capabilities to make it easier to connect with one another.”

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Community Chats are rolling out right now in Messenger.

And more Facebook Groups will see the option “in the coming weeks”.

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