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Four warnings issued to millions of Facebook owners – don’t ignore them

Four warnings issued to millions of Facebook owners – don’t ignore them

MILLIONS of Facebook users have been warned over dangerous posts that you must keep an eye out for.

A cyber-expert has issued an alert about four different types of Facebook posts that could end up costing you.


Be very wary of suspicious Facebook postsCredit: Facebook

It’s important to never ignore cyber-warnings – or you could end up out of pocket.

Facebook users are a common target for hackers, given that billions of people use the Meta-owned app.

Now cyber-expert Darren Guccione has revealed the four types of Facebook posts that you need to watch out for.

“As social media plays an increasingly large role in our lives, the potential for nefarious acts continues to skyrocket,” Darren, CEO of Keeper Security, told The Sun.

Facebook posts to watch out for

There are four types of posts that Darren says are particularly risky.

They include:

  • Any post that seems out of the blue, such as a family member or friend that has never directly contacted you before
  • Any post asking for personal details that could be used for fraud or in an attempt steal your passwords
  • Any post that conveys a sense of urgency to take action immediately, like sending a payment
  • Any post with links or downloads, as these can be used in phishing scams or to download malware onto your computer.

“It’s also important to be careful when these requests come from friends, because it is possible that your friend’s account was hacked or spoofed,” Darren warned.

“It’s difficult for anyone to stay up-to-date on all of the ways cybercriminals are worming into our lives.

“But it’s no surprise that simple phishing scams are one of the most prevalent cyberthreats.

“Scammers don’t discriminate, and people of all ages fall prey to these schemes, costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars each year.”

Darren is urging consumers to look out for suspicious links.

Always check to see if the URL matches the official website.

And he recommends using a password manager to help protect against some of the more common cyberattacks.

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