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Facebook’s latest app update brings iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets • TechCrunch

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One of the most notable changes with Apple’s iOS 16 launch is the ability for users to personalize their Lock Screen with widgets. Many app developers have worked to make their apps iOS 16-ready, and Facebook is now one of them.

This week, the Meta-owned app quietly released an app update to include support for iOS 16 and Lock Screen widgets. There are two Facebook Lock Screen widgets for you to choose from: “Birthdays at a Glance” and “Top Updates.”

Facebook Lock Screen widgets

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The Birthdays at a Glance widget comes in two sizes. The first option is a small square that displays how many of your friends have birthdays today. The second option is a larger rectangle that displays the names of your friends who have birthdays today. The Top Updates widget showcases your most recent Facebook notifications.

You can add the new widgets by tapping and holding your Lock Screen to bring up the Edit menu, and then selecting the “Customize” button. From this edit mode, you can then tap the row where you want to add or swap out widgets. Then, you need to scroll through the app options and select Facebook. You can then swipe to see the available widgets and select the one you want to add. Once you’ve made your selection, you need to close the Add Widgets panel and tap Done to save your changes.

Facebook is among numerous other apps that are looking to earn a place on your Lock Screen. You can choose from many personalization, travel, productivity, cooking, weather, health and music widget options available from apps like Motivation, TripIt, Pestle and more. In addition, Google has promised that it will offer iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets for key apps like Search, Chrome, Gmail, Maps and more in the coming weeks.

TechCrunch has compiled a list of more than 25 iOS 16-ready apps featuring widgets that you can add to take advantage of Apple’s latest software update.


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