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FIFA 23 introduces a new anti-cheat system — and fans are mad

FIFA 23 players on PC will receive a completely different experience compared to FIFA 22, as EA launches a new anti-cheat system.

The system, called EA AntiCheat (EAAC), is software that will automatically download with the game.


Career Mode fans are concerned they’re being unfairly punished.Credit: EA Sports

It will only run when FIFA 23 is running, and it will be uninstalled as soon as you uninstall the game.

EAAC blocks anyone trying to use additional software to edit their games and give them an advantage.

Those who use software to edit their games usually do so to give themselves additional FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) coins.

FUT coins are a type of premium currency that can be used to open FUT Packs and strengthen your online team.

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However, giving yourself additional coins can be unfair to other players, who have not hacked their game, or purchased additional coins with real money.

It might seem that this is a win for PC players, as overpowered FUT teams, boosted by ill-gotten coins, have previously made trouble in the online game.

However, it appears that the majority of users are upset about the change.

With growing concern surrounding online privacy and companies installing software on our computers, some feel this is another type of trojan horse.

One Twitter user wrote: “It appears EA has decided to include spyware in their new FIFA 23 title that could potentially have access to everything on your computer.

“Even if EA remains honest, it creates a great attack vector for others to exploit. Great job EA!”

EA addressed these concerns in its deep dive blog about EAAC.

It reads: “EAAC does not gather any information about your browsing history, applications that are not connected to EA games, or anything that is not directly related to anti-cheat protection. 

“Our Game Security & Anti-Cheat team is composed of some of the best security engineers in the world, 

“And we are passionate about ensuring that our software does not cause any security vulnerabilities.”

The other concern comes from FIFA’s passionate modding community, which uses third party software to add quality of life changes to the game.

This can include better graphics and animations, as well as fixes to bugs in the software.

In a Discord post, one fan argues that this new system should not be forced onto offline career mode players.

They write: “The entire [Career] mode is held together at the seams with what appears to be duct tape.

“The painful experience of the Career mode is why many content creators went to PC. It was to fix the game that you have not fixed.”

EA is aware of the balancing issues that players have faced with the Career Mode and has implemented a number of changes in the upcoming game.

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Among other big improvements to the mode, there is a new Personality Points system which should help players to balance their characters better.

All will be revealed when FIFA 23 releases on September 30.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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