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FIFA 23 Homegrown Eleven challenge solution has players furious

FANS are lashing out over the new FIFA 23 Homegrown Eleven challenge that many have deemed impossible.

Completing the challenge will earn you a swap token that you can trade in for cards as part of FIFA 23’s Future Stars promotion.


Players have to be under 23 to feature in Future Stars.Credit: EA Sports

However, many have claimed this particular challenge is impossible and have accepted that they will never get this particular token.

Tokens can be swapped for a number of popular cards including an Icon George Best, and a Player’s Moments Coutinho. 

Many players have already given up on the idea of earning all 30 tokens after seeing this challenge.

The Homegrown Eleven challenge requires players to make a squad using only first-owned cards.

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This means only cards earned from objectives or FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs can be used, while cards bought on the in-game transfer market are banned.

While this restricts the number of allowed cards, it’s not the reason why FIFA players are angry.

The challenge requires you to win seven out of 12 friendly matches in order to earn the token.

As this is over half, many have deemed that not everyone would be able to earn the token for winning the matches.

However, the 12 match counter resets after you finish all of your matches, allowing you to attempt it again.

It’s still disheartening to win six out of 12 games, only to have to start all over again.

Some players have taken to social media to say they are purposely losing games so that other players can earn their tokens.

If enough people join in with this, then it should be easier for everyone to earn their swap tokens.

However, this isn’t really a solution, and many are playing to the best of their ability in the hopes of earning a token.

EA has not spoken about the issue, and it appears the team is happy with the challenge.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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