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FIFA 23 Team of the Year: Twelfth Man and Honourable Mentions predictions

NOT everyone can get a place on FIFA 23’s Team of the Year, but there’s plenty of space for Honourable Mentions.

While there are only 11 spaces in TOTY, there are 15 up for grabs in Honourable Mentions, including FIFA 23’s coveted Twelfth Man.


Benzema will at least feature on the Honourable Mentions.Credit: EA Sports

We already released our predictions for the top 11 in TOTY which will be announced tomorrow.

Here’s who we think won’t quite make the top cut, but will be included in FIFA 23’s Honourable Mentions.

Emiliano Martínez – Aston Villa

As the World Cup winner, and winner of the Golden Glove, Martínez has more than proved his worth this year.

He’s been playing exceptionally well for Aston Villa too, and we think he will be the runner-up goalkeeper for TOTY.

Times and dates for each FIFA 23 Team of the Year announcement
These are the players we think will make FIFA 23’s TOTY

If not Martínez, then Milan’s Mike Maignan could take home the promo card.

Marquinhos – PSG

Marquinhos had a good World Cup run until Brazil’s unexpected defeat against Croatia.

However, he is still one of the most consistent defenders in Europe, as shown by his place on PSG.

His consistency means that he will always deserve a place in Honourable Mentions, if not TOTY.

Thiago Silva – Chelsea

Silva’s performance has only improved over time, despite being dropped by PSG after a disastrous Champions League final.

However, just a year later, he proved his worth by helping Chelsea reach the top.

Despite his age, he’s still one of the best defenders out there, and may see more victories in his time on the pitch.

Fikayo Tomori – Milan

Despite an excellent season, Tomori was overlooked for England’s World Cup squad.

We think FIFA 23 players will be more discerning, and he’ll be picked up for an Honourable Mention.

He’s one of Milan’s best all-round players, and helped them reach the top of Serie A.

João Cancelo – Manchester City

Cancelo not only does an excellent job as a defender, but he is also Man City’s ace up their sleeve.

Despite his position, he has the stamina to push forward and put pressure on the opposition’s defence.

If he doesn’t make TOTY, he will certainly receive an Honourable Mention.

Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich

Davies has seen a dip in performance lately, but the Canadian had a pretty good World Cup run.

Despite recent standings, he’s still one of the best players for his position, and we think he’ll receive an Honourable Mention.

Jude Bellingham – Borussia Dortmund

Jude Bellingham has been rising through the ranks over the last few years, and he had a great World Cup.

With his mixture of physique and technique, he consistently delivers for his team.

He could quite possibly appear on TOTY, but if not he’ll get an Honourable Mention.

Federico Valverde – Real Madrid

While Valverde couldn’t help Uruguay during the World Cup his season has been extraordinary.

He’s helping Real Madrid go from strength to strength, and you’ll rarely see him on the bench.

Valverde is an engine in the midfield and makes a huge impact on each match.

Martin Ødegaard – Arsenal

Arsenal is leading the Premier League by a long margin, and Ødegaard as captain is a big part of that success.

When it comes to each match, he has great vision and composure for his team.

He won the last Player of the Month vote, and is likely to win a part in TOTY too.

Bukayo Saka – Arsenal

Next up for Arsenal, Saka is one of the best wingers in the whole of Europe.

We think this will have been noted by the players of FIFA 23, and we considered him for the TOTY.

If he doesn’t make it, he’ll certainly win an Honourable Mention.

Rafael Leão – Milan

Leão is one of the best wingers around at the moment, though he’s been placed as a forward in the TOTY vote.

This is why we don’t think he’ll make TOTY against Mbappé and Messi.

However, he has had a spectacular season with Milan, and we think he will do well.

Neymar Jr. – PSG

Neymar has done well with PSG and was one of the rockstars at the World Cup at Qatar.

While we don’t think he’ll do as well as his fellow strikers, he’ll still be high on the list.

He might still make a spot on TOTY, but he’ll definitely be at least on the Honourable Mentions.

Vinicius Jr. – Real Madrid

Real Madrid was never expected to win the last Champions League, but Vinicius was a big part of their success.

He was consistently taking advantage of Benzema’s assists to take the club to victory.

Real Madrid is another team with a strong attacking end, and Vinicius is a big part of that.

Robert Lewandowski – Barcelona

It took a while for Lewandowski to become comfortable at Barcelona after he made the shocking decision to transfer from Bayern Munich.

After a few matches, he was scoring goals with the best of them, which is the Lewandowski we’ve come to know and love.

Karim Benzema – Real Madrid – Twelfth Man pick

We struggled to decide between Haaland and Benzema for the last striker slot, but Haaland pipped it due to his domination this season.

We predict that either Haaland or Benzema will win a place on TOTY, and the other will be our Twelfth Man.

Benzema won the last Ballon d’Or, and he’s right to be recognised.

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Written by Paolo Sirio and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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