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The five biggest changes in FIFA 23’s latest update

The five biggest changes in FIFA 23’s latest update

FIFA 23 was down for far longer than expected yesterday (January 12), as EA Sports implemented big changes in the game.

These range from graphical errors to changes in how the AI performs, and will likely have a big impact to online matches.


Núñez is no longer bald.Credit: EA Sports

If you’re one of the many that were eager to get back in the game, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the biggest changes that were added to FIFA 23.

Darwin Núñez is no longer bald

FIFA 23 has introduced a number of fixes to common graphical bugs.

One of these is that some players were not showing as intended, with a common error being a bald Darwin Núñez.

The Liverpool striker can now be seen with his luscious locks and eyebrows intact. 

Quick free kicks are back

In FIFA 23, you were meant to be able to take a quick free kick immediately after a foul.

This usually gives you a better chance to score, but a bug made these seemingly always transition into a traditional free kick.

This bug is now fixed, meaning you’ll now have more easy goal-scoring opportunities.

Constant Pressure defending gets a big buff

Constant Pressure is a style of defensive play in FIFA 23 that aims to make the opposition fumble.

Now the AI will enact this style of play more effectively, as improvements have been added to stop them from getting confused.

Stamina from Constant Pressure has also been improved by almost 12% meaning you can keep up this stance for longer.

Lofted through passes are being nerfed

Lofted through passes are common in the meta game, but they might not be for much longer.

Defenders could often slow down when one was performed, making it impossible to take possession.

This has now been fixed, so it will be much more difficult to pull one off successfully.

Help menu has been added to FUT

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has had a help menu added to certain screens to assist new players.

The menu will send you to a QR code that will explain more about the game’s mechanics.

If you’re struggling to get your players in the right positions, this will be a big boon.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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