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FIFA 23 apologises after TOTY player is missing from FUT packs

FIFA 23 fans are outraged as EA Sports failed to put one Team of the Year (TOTY) player in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs.

Instead of the boosted TOTY card, which has significant improvements to stats, the regular base card was added.


Here are the TOTY winners.Credit: EA Sports

Thibaut Courtois was chosen by fans as FIFA 23’s goalie of the year, but he didn’t receive the recognition he deserved.

His TOTY card was supposed to be released in FUT packs alongside the chosen defenders, Achraf Hakimi, Virgil Van Dijk, Éder Militão, and Theo Hernández.

However, when players opened their FUT packs, they received Courtois’ 90-rated base card, rather than his 96-rated TOTY variant.

Not only does the TOTY card play better, but it also sells for a much higher price on the in-game transfer market.

Courtois’ base card is currently selling for 57k FUT coins, compared to the TOTY card which sells for 520k.

However, FIFA 23 has acknowledged the error and is looking to set things right with its players.

This was after players contacted EA Sports, furious about receiving the wrong card after purchasing their FUT packs.

On Twitter EA Sports wrote: “The base version of the Courtois Player Item was incorrectly available in packs instead of the Team of the Year version. 

“This issue has been addressed and impacted players will receive the corrected Player Item in-game in the coming days.”

There is no current timeline for when the correct card will be available to those that have been affected, aside from “the coming days”.

The wording of the tweet also makes it ambiguous as to whether players will receive the TOTY card additional to the base card.

It could be that players will see their base Courtois card replaced with the boosted version.

Putting more TOTY Courtois cards on to the market isn’t the fix that EA Sports apparently thinks it is.

Players who have purchased the pricey TOTY card will see it drop in value as more cards are added.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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