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Final Fantasy 14 — five biggest changes in the 6.28 update

FINAL Fantasy 14’s 6.28 update is finally here after nine hours of server downtime.

There isn’t anything game-changing in this patch, but lots of small tweaks and bug fixes will change your overall experience.


Season 3 has come to an end.Credit: Square Enix

Season 3’s PvP mode is coming to an end, and rewards will soon be distributed.

Here’s all the biggest changes made in FF14 in the 6.28 update.

Buffs for PvE actions in FF14

Several jobs had tweaks applied that have an effect on the PvE gameplay.

Usually, the potency of various actions and traits for a number of jobs have been either buffed or debuffed.

However, in this case only buffs have been applied. The Red Mage and Machinist will benefit most with four actions or traits buffed a piece.

Buffs for PvP actions in FF14

The White Mage has had its range reduced, but otherwise only buffs have been added here as well.

Some technical changes have also been added, for example the Machinist’s Blast Charge has increased movement speed while casting.

Crystalline Conflict enters Season 4 in FF14

The fourth season of Crystalline Conflict is about to start, and will last until the 6.3 update is released.

Anyone who finished within the top 100 for Season 3 can receive vouchers via the Moogle delivery service.

If you finished in Bronze tier or higher, you can claim your rewards by speaking to the Feast Quartermaster at Wolves’ Den Pier.

Dyeable items are now in FF14

A huge number of items can now be dyed, giving you greater appearance customisation.

Most of these are Valerian items, but a few Xenobian items are available too.

New North American worlds in FF14

While not an in-game change, a number of data centres have been added throughout North America to help FF14 run more smoothly.

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Four new centres have been added, which means four new worlds for players to use.

You can read the full patch notes, including every balance patch and bug fix, on the official Final Fantasy 14 website.

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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