Viral message: 30 thousand grant from the center, did you get this ‘viral’ message; Know the exact facts | Finance assistance by central government Message viral on social media know the truth


Viral message

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PIB, a central government-controlled media outlet, has proved the allegations of viral messages to be false.

New Delhi: From social media (Social Media) The incidence of fraud has increased dramatically in recent times. The incidents of embezzling crores of rupees from the public through viral messages on the basis of fake information have come to light. Currently, the message of Rs 30,000 grant from the Union Finance Ministry is going viral on social media. The Center provides financial assistance to help the citizens of the country in difficult financial situation (Finance assistance) Is said to have undertaken a grant campaign. Meanwhile, PIB, a central government-controlled media outlet, has launched a viral message (PIB Viral Check) The claim has been substantiated and the public is urged not to click on any link received through the fake message.

What is a viral message?

The message with the link ‘’ is going viral on social media. A claim of Rs 30,628 crore has been made through the Ministry of Finance. Appealing to click on the link. Meanwhile, PIB has appealed to the public to avoid financial fraud by clicking on such links.

Beware of rumors

The PIB has verified the veracity of the claim through fact check. It has been clarified that the viral message is completely false. The central government’s finance department has no plans to do so. Social media users are urged to beware of such rumors.

Beware of messages

After the PIB fact check, this message is said to be completely false. No one should disclose private banking related information by clicking on the link. Providing bank account details can lead to major financial frauds.

How to do a fact check?

If you have received similar messages, you can do a fact check to find out the truth of such messages. You have the option of fact check through PIB. For this you have to click on the official link You can also search for facts on WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email

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