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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: All the new skins and locations leaks including Fallout armour and Mad Max collab rumours

FORNITE Chapter 5 Season 3 is practically on the doorstep, with Epic Games scheduling downtime for later this week.

While we have a matter of days until all the secrets of the next season are revealed, here are all the leaks and fan theories so far:


There are two collaborations currently confirmed: Fallout and MarvelCredit: X/HYPEX
A new harpoon-style grappler gun may also make an appearance


A new harpoon-style grappler gun may also make an appearanceCredit: Fortnite
The new season is hoped to bring a massive new location called the Sharkbait Ship


The new season is hoped to bring a massive new location called the Sharkbait ShipCredit: X/HYPEX


There are two collaborations currently confirmed: Fallout and Marvel.

Following the successful release of the Amazon Prime TV show, fan-favourite franchise Fallout is on its way to Fortnite.

But onlookers believe this hints at a Mad Max partnership, in a fusion of post-apocalyptic worlds (and sandy map theme).

The season has been dubbed Fortnite Wrecked, and fans are expecting a Mad Max-style season spent roaming the wasteland in makeshift vehicles.

This will coincide with the release of the star-studded Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, coming to cinemas on May 24.


Confirmed skins will be characters from Fallout and Marvel – though we haven’t caught much of a glimpse of these.

The armoured Brotherhood of Steel clan may be available as a skin, or as enemy NPCs.

Fallout’s T-60 Power Armour is also expected to be featured.

It’s worth noting this is not the first Marvel collaboration – and it’s highly unlikely there will be re-designs of previously released characters.

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Although there may be mashup skins, like the Cuddlepool variation of Deadpool.

It’s likely the Marvel skins will be based on one of the latest movies in the franchise, Madame Web.

According to HYPEX on X, a reliable Fortnite leaker, there are five more leaked characters that could be up for grabs in the new Battle Pass:

  • Blue haired girl
  • Red helmet biker
  • Nitro Carrot
  • Remix Dummy
  • Skull Mask

Weapons & Gliders

Hawk-eyed fans reckon they’ve spotted the combat shotgun in the teaser clip, which was vaulted in Chapter 5: Season 1.

Hopes are high that the fan-favourite short-range will be returning after two seasons.

But what’s got players even more excited is the possible return of the combat assault rifle, which has been out of action since Chapter 3: Season 4.

A new harpoon-style grappler gun, that a Brotherhood of Steel member is carrying in the clip, may also make an appearance.

Die-hard Fallout fans have called for glider variations of The Prydwen, the aircraft used by the Brotherhood of Steel, and of the twin-engine Vertibird aircraft.

But Epic has yet to reveal all the upcoming accessories.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 downtime

Fortnite will undergo scheduled downtime later this week, leaving gamers unable to play.

Downtime will begin on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 7am BST / 2am ET.

This will last roughly 5 hours – though downtime does vary.

But once it is finished the next season, Fortnite Wrecked, will start. 

Here’s when downtime begins for your timezone:

  • Thursday, May 23, 2024
  • Friday, May 24, 2024
    • 2am ET (Eastern US)
    • 7am BST (UK time)
    • 8am CEST (Central Europe)

Power Ups

A Mad Max-style area-of-effect healing item, that resembles Slap Juice on steroids, grants a speed boost for both you and your team members – as long as they’re next to you.

It’s possible the anticipated Power Armour is not a skin and is actually a kind of power-up for any character, though it seems less likely.


Landing points and locations change with the seasons.

In Chapter 5 Season 3, the map has been enveloped by a huge sandstorm – which could be further foundations for a Mad Max collab.

Locations set to disappear will be ones that rely heavily on the Greek mythology-based Myths & Mortals season, like Mount Olympus, Grim Gate and The Underworld.

Hypex also reckons the new season will bring a massive new location called the Sharkbait Ship.

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It’s much bigger than the yacht that has been available so far in Season 5, and it might just be the largest landing point on the entire island.

Landing points and locations change with the seasons


Landing points and locations change with the seasonsCredit: Fortnite
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