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Get 1 year of FREE Disney+ with the Samsung Galaxy S22 for £26 p/m

Samsung loves to offer freebies with its phone plan and this one’s an absolute gem.

You can pick up the brand’s flagship Galaxy S22 smartphone and claim 12 months of FREE Disney+ streaming by heading to


Pick up this Samsung Galaxy S22 plan from Vodafone and you can claim a year’s worth of FREE Disney+ streaming

It’s been a great months for Disney lovers, with the House of Mouse offering a month of its streaming service for just £1.99 in an epic deal for Disney+ Day.

Sadly, that’s finished now – but if you’re on the hunt for a top-end Android handset, this is one heck of a deal-sweetener.

The Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s rival to the Apple iPhone 13: a handset that’s just been knocked off the flagship spot by the all-new iPhone 14.

The same will happen to the Galaxy S22 come February of next year, which is likely why Samsung are eager to draw in punters now with this streaming freebie – it’s a great way to shift stock.

The cost of a year-long subscription to Disney+ is £79.80, so that’s a considerable saving.

Often, these sorts of giveaways can distract from what are actually pretty weak deals, but not in the case of this contract from Vodafone.

A monthly bill of £26 per month on a flagship device is highly impressive, especially when offset against a pretty modest upfront sum of £50.

The overall cost across two years clocks in at £674.

It’s not the first great offer on the S22 range we’ve seen pop up recently: earlier this week, we spotted a great deal on the bigger Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus from Three, which offers you unlimited data for £35 per month.

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