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Gamers who have the most sex revealed – where does your favourite video game rank?

CALL of Duty players bonk more often than any other gamers.

Fifa fans also love to score in the sack.


71% of Call of Duty fans claimed to have had sex twice a weekCredit: CALL OF DUTY

But Mario Karters spin out in the race to romp, a poll has found.

Pollsters asked gamers if they had sex at least twice a week — and 71 per cent of fans of shoot-’em-’up Call of Duty claimed they did.

Fifa was next with 65 per cent, followed by Mortal Kombat (56 per cent) and World of Warcraft (47 per cent).

Mario Kart players got lucky least often — with just 18 per cent tempted to put down their joysticks.

Players’ passion heated up whatever console favourite they were enjoying, the poll by the found.

Thomas Tailor, 26, of St Albans, Herts, said he and his girlfriend often gave up on a gaming session to hop into bed.

He said: “Call of Duty is our favourite but I must admit we quite often abandon it for a quickie.”

Call of Duty was released in 2003 and there are now 21 versions.

The typical adult has sex 60 times a year, latest stats suggest.

Mario Kart players were found to have had the least sex


Mario Kart players were found to have had the least sexCredit: Handout

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