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Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know about the Fatui Harbingers

ALSO known as the Eleven, the Fatui Harbingers are one of the main sets of antagonists of Genshin Impact. 

Some have already become playable characters, and by the end of their storyline, we may end up all fighting on the same side.


The Eleven are a force to be reckoned with.Credit: HoYoVerse

We’ve got all the information about each of the Eleven, and as such our guide contains story spoilers.

If you want to know more, read below for everything we know about the Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Who are the Fatui Harbingers?

The Eleven are the most powerful characters in Teyvat, with the three highest-ranked having the power of gods.

While they are technically a team, they have no problem with cutting another down to get what they want.

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They are trying to collect the Gnoses of Teyvat’s Archons, and when someone joins the Eleven, they gain a new name.

Players will meet a few Harbingers during the story, but all of them can be found in the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo.

1. Genshin Impact: Pierro aka The Jester

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Pierro is the leader of the Harbingers and presumed to be the first member of the organisation.

He was originally a royal mage of Khaenri’ah, where he lived with your sibling for a time.

Pierro tried to prevent the sages from destroying Khaenri’ah, and it’s unknown how he escaped the disaster.

He is the mastermind behind many of the Fatui’s plans, and recruited many members into its fold.

2. Genshin Impact: Il Dottore aka The Doctor

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Previously known as Zandik, he was originally a scholar of the Sumeru Akademiya, but lacked morals or compassion.

He was expelled and joined the Fatui after being promised unlimited resources for his research by Pierro.

Il Dottore created clones of himself from different stages of his life, to try and experiment from as many perspectives as possible.

He obtained two of the Gnoses. He destroyed his clones for possession of the Electro Gnosis, and traded the information that the skies are “fake” for the Dendro Gnosis.

3. Genshin Impact: Columbina aka Damselette

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Despite her youthful appearance, Columbina is implied to be extremely dangerous, and is one of the Harbingers with god-like powers.

She’s so dangerous that other Harbingers choose to warn you about her, which shows she’s not to be messed with.

4. Genshin Impact: Il Capitano aka The Captain

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

We’ve assumed that Il Capitano is rank 4, and Tartaglia suggests that he is a higher rank than Aelecchino, and these are the only two left unnumbered.

He has a great sense of justice and is popular among the Fatui, though Scaramouche thinks this is a problem.

His origins are unknown, but a letter sent to Varka explains that he was polite to the Knights of Favonius, and has moved on to Natlan where you can find him.

5. Genshin Impact: Pulcinella aka The Rooster

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Pulcinella is the mayor of Snezhnaya, and holds the families of Fatui hostage to demand their loyalty.

He has a cold and callous streak, giving just half a day’s mourning when fellow Harbinger La Signora passed.

6. Genshin Impact: Scaramouche aka The Balladeer

  • Status – inactive
  • Element(s) – Anemo
  • Playability – yes

Technically, the sixth spot in the Harbingers has been vacant for hundreds of years after Scaramouche erased himself after being manipulated into joining.

He believed that he had been betrayed by the people of Inazuma following Pierro and Dottore’s advice.

Gruesome experiments enhanced his powers, and he was driven mad by his desire for the Gnosis.

His plans to ascend to godhood were foiled by the protagonist, and he agrees to serve Nahida and wipe his existence from history.

7. Genshin Impact: Sandrone aka Marionette

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Sandrone is consumed by her passion for the research and construction of automatons, and is followed by a mechanical top hat.

She holds a grudge against the Tartaglia, and according to Scaramouche her inventions are lacking.

8. Genshin Impact: La Signora aka The Fair Lady

  • Status – deceased
  • Element(s) – Cryo, Pyro
  • Playability – no

Originally from Mondstadt, La Signora studied at the Akademiya in Sumeru. When her lover died during the Khaenri’ah cataclysm, she was consumed by hatred.

She surrounded herself in liquid flame, and ceaselessly sought out the one who killed him, where she was then recruited into the harbingers.

She was involved in the gathering of the Gnoses of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma, and is the primary antagonist in these regions.

La Signora takes Venti’s Gnosis by force, and tricks Zhongli into giving up his.

However, in Inuzuma she challenges Traveler in a fight to the death and is eventually executed by Raiden Shogun.

Her death sends shockwaves through the Harbingers, and her funeral is the setting for A Winter Night’s Lazzo.

9. Genshin Impact: Pantalone aka Regrator

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Born into poverty, Pantalone is now the richest member of the Harbingers, and the Minister of Economy for Snezhnaya.

He is extremely ambitious, and plans to make Snezhnaya the financial capital of Teyvat.

Pantalone attempted to assassinate Qixing, but the plot was eventually foiled, though he managed to conceal the evidence linking him to the crime.

10. Genshin Impact: Arlecchino aka The Knave

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – unknown
  • Playability – no

Arlecchino helps run the House of the Hearth, an orphanage in Snezhnaya, that serves to recruit Fatui.

Tartaglia believes there “isn’t one sane bone in her body” while Scaramouche believes she’s a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

She acts polite on the surface to control others, and further her own ambitions. 

11. Genshin Impact: Tartaglia aka Childe

  • Status – active
  • Element(s) – Hydro, Electro
  • Playability – yes

Tartaglia is both the lowest ranked and youngest Harbinger, and is focused on his combat, as well as his loyalty to the Tsaritsa.

He is devoted to his younger siblings, who live in Snezhnaya under Pulcinella’s care.

His personality is unpredictable, but he dislikes treachery. He is thought of as foolish by Scaramouche, and believes his inclusion lowers the status of the Harbingers.

He oversaw the Fatui in Liyue harbour, and summoned the ancient god Osial to destroy Liyue and its people.

However, his plan is stopped by the Traveler, who defeated him in combat. Further, he had been tricked by the Harbingers as La Signora had already collected the Gnosis from that region.

Despite being playable, he is still an active member of the Eleven and the only person who holds that distinction.

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Written by Marco Wutz and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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