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Players slam ‘broken’ award-winning game on Xbox – warning not to buy

AFTER a year of being a PS5 exclusive Xbox players were excited to get their hands on this award-winning game.

However, bugs have ruined their experience as the game is considered broken on the consoles.


Ghostwire: Tokyo is a spiritual successor to The Evil Within.Credit: Tango Gameworks

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available on Xbox Series X|S, but fans have been warned not to purchase it.

Not only does the Xbox version have all the issues that were present on the PS5 version, but many more have been added.

According to Digital Foundry, Ghostwire: Tokyo looks visually similar on Xbox to the PS5 version.

However, performance has taken a significant hit, with bugs that make the ray tracing and lighting look wrong.

The game’s quality mode is the only one that can hit a consistent frame rate which is locked at 30fps.

Performance mode aims for 60fps, but it rarely succeeds at this, and can get as low as 45fps in combat sections.

Predictably, the Xbox Series S struggles the most to run Ghostwire: Tokyo and has significant issues with frame pacing.

The issues surprised players as developer Tango Gameworks is owned by Microsoft.

Tango’s most recent release Hi-Fi Rush is an Xbox exclusive game that runs perfectly on both Xbox Series X and S consoles.

While it is a lot less intensive than Ghostwire: Tokyo, players expected the good performance from the Xbox owned studio.

There has been no public comment on the performance issues, or whether a patch will be released to improve the game.

However, a year after its initial release, the PS5 version still has performance problems.

This suggests that the Xbox version is also unlikely to be patched.

Written by Oliver Brandt and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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