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Skoda Vision 7S Electric Debuts on August 30…. Jalwa will show globally… | Global debut of skoda vision 7s electric concept on 30 august new suv will get bold design au129

Skoda’s upcoming electric SUV concept will have 3-row seating. The car will come with a very rugged exterior design. The seating layout of Skoda Vision 7S electric car is going to be very nice. Equipped with an all-electric powertrain, the electric SUV will make its global debut on August 30.

European car manufacturer Skoda (Škoda) 7 Seater SUV (SUV) is working on an electric car concept. Recently, the company has also officially released the planned sketch of the upcoming electric SUV. Skoda’s new electric SUV is called the Skoda Vision 7S. This 3-row and 7-seater electric SUV (Electric Car) will be The company will make the world debut of this electric SUV concept on August 30. The design of the upcoming electric SUV is quite rugged. Skoda has provided three rows of seats in its interior. When entering and exiting the new Skoda car, the lights around the car automatically turn on. Through this article, we will get information about what else is special about this new car.

1) The front end of the Skoda Vision 7S concept is even more rugged than the Enyaq.

2) The upcoming electric SUV gets a T-shaped headlight divided into two square bulbs.

3) The car also gets eyebrow-like DRLs with bonnet shut-line and color-contrasting grille area.

4) The grille area of ​​Skoda Vision 7S is smaller than Enyaq. The concept car also has a rear view camera.

5) Skoda’s new electric car gets an all-round retractable beltline.

6) The rear spoiler of the car gives it a sportier car look.

7) The concept, which will make its global debut on August 30, features low-profile wheels.

8) The new electric car has seats for six adults and one child. A child seat has been added to the center console of the car.

9) Skoda claims that the child seat part is the strongest part of the car

10) Things like steering wheel, door panel and vertical screen have been given special attention under haptic control.

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