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God of War Ragnarök: Althjof’s Rig guide

GOD of War Ragnarök is shaping up to be one of the best games of this year, and that’s in large part due to its fantastic environments.

However, some areas are trickier than others to traverse, and even more puzzling to pick up all the items.


Some smart grappling will be needed.Credit: Sony Santa Monica
Ignite barrels to uncover secret paths.


Ignite barrels to uncover secret paths.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

Althjof’s Rig is one of those areas, and the hardest of all to find is the Leviathan Axe runic ability, Njord’s Tempest.

Here’s how to grapple through the rig in God of War, and pick up this ability.

How to find Njord’s Tempest in Althjof’s Rig

When you arrive at Althjof’s Rig, you can see a crank that can be pushed forward to raise and lower a grapple point.

It’s a little precise, but you need this to be a little above the lowest point.

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Use your blades to bring the lift down, which will create a platform you can use to reach the grapple point and swing across.

Open the chest, then use your blades on the barrel opposite. This will then break the fence that is blocking your path.

Grapple to the top of the next area and then kick down the guardrail on the east side.

This will allow you to reach the crank from the start without having to use your grapple.

Don’t drop down. Instead, open the gate and go down into a new area. Ignite the barrel here to open up a new route to the crank.

Use the crank to move the grapple hook to the bottom, and head back to where you blew up the second barrel.

A new climbing route has opened up that will lead to an area with a spot you can slam down through.

Fight the enemies down here to find some lore and a chest. You should now be able to grapple across to another chest.

Go back and look at the elevator shaft, and interact with it to send the elevator up.

Return to the crank and move the grapple one notch below the very top. Climb up the nearby crank, and cross the shaft to use the grapple.

Kick the chain down here to create a new shortcut, and climb up to reach a furnace with more enemies.

To grab some extra items, climb down the new shortcut, crank the grapple to the top, and climb back up.

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Grappling across here will earn you the Leviathan Axe runic ability, Njord’s Tempest.

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Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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